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The TOM science and technology news "Internet Weekly" general manager concurrently bravely carried out editor-in-chief the vehicle to leave job on the other day, the plan and the friend start an undertaking together. On February 14 morning the TOM science and technology sends the cable car to be brave, Che Yong indicated, "Internet Weekly" deputy general manager Wang Lei and vice- Editor-in-Chief Zhang Lu already separately has at present taken over the operation and the content two aspects work. After leaves job, Che Yong still will hold the post of the smallpox チ □□Yun □numerous bridle □to be extensive? O:p Che Yongreng will choose in the Internet profession will start an undertaking, regarding the concrete domain, will be emerging starts an undertaking the hot spot web2.0 domain or other, Che Yong indicated, in the Internet profession various domains actually mutually will relate closely, fledgling firm 着力点 the uncertain bureau are restricted in some domain. The vehicle brave disclosed by no means more starts an undertaking the detail, he indicated, now started an undertaking the plan still in making a final decision. Fledgling firm the friend which will have a common goal by Che Yong and other three together establishes, the start fund will use "the angel fund" pattern, but Che Yong indicated, if will have the appropriate venture capital, also will not repel the cooperation the possibility. Regarding fledgling firm operation timetable, Che Yongcheng, if smooth, fledgling firm hopefully is founded in early this year.
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