National copyright bureau circular
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New China net Beijing, February 15 - when country copyright bureau on 15th notifies China from September, 2005 to investigate the related situation to December which the network right infringement pirates, but also will announce the short-term China investigation network right infringement to pirate the motion 12 significant cases. Case 1: Lu Xiaoliang, the Chen bright network right infringement pirates the gang document, the Shanghai grand network technological development limited company sues, was called "the dragon leaps is handed down for generations" the website (the website: secretly erects the server to move "Legendary World" the network game, the infrigement grand company legitimate rights and interests. At present has closed this website, the case transferred the judicial organ. Case 2: "The northeast myth" the private clothing website document, the national copyright bureau meets the populace to report to the authorities, calls northeast the myth website (the website: secretly erected the server, the operation "Legend 3" plays, has encroached upon "Legend 3" the network game right person's copyright. Has been ordered stops infringing upon the right, fines 9,000 Yuan, closes the website, transfers the judicial organ. Case 3: "The knight-errant swordsman legend" the private clothing document, the national copyright bureau meets reports to the authorities, is called "the knight-errant swordsman legend" the website (the website: secretly erects the server, the operation Guangzhou light passes the company to enjoy the copyright the network to play "Legendary 3G", encroached upon the Guangzhou light to pass the company copyright. At present server, computer terminal correlation facility 27 and so on has captured the crime suspect and legally detains. The judicial organ is investigating the crime suspect's legal responsibility.
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